Kitchens and Common Room

There are communal kitchens on every floor throughout the building.

Zip Tap for Boiling and Chilled Filtered WaterBoiling and cold filtered water is provided in these via Zip Hydroboil counter-top taps. Some of the taps provide chilled water whilst others only provided ambient temperature cold water (the latter having been installed as replacements following advice that they will give lower installation and maintenance costs and more reliability). Cold water is dispensed freely on depressing the blue button on the top of the tap and there is a safety button which must be depressed in addition to the red button on the top of the tap to dispense boiling water. Once the capacity of the tap is exhausted the unit will rapidly re-boil / chill before being able to dispense again. A white light will flash to indicate a filter change is required. Please report any issues with a Zip tap to the @email.

Each kitchen is stocked with tea, filter coffee (for the supplied machines) and milk (only for use with tea and coffee and not for use in larger quantities such as with cereal). The Common Room kitchens are similarly stocked and have larger coffee machines.

More extensive tea, coffee and food options are available through the café in the Mezzanine.

Each kitchen is provided with a range of cutlery and crockery appropriate to the numbers each point serves (if in a particular kitchen there is regularly insufficient mugs, spoons etc please report it to @email). Please make sure you place your used items in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full please feel free to put in a tablet and turn it on. The overnight cleaning staff will also run and empty dishwashers when they can.

Fridges are provided in each kitchen to chill the milk provided by the department and to enable some staff to store small amounts of food for lunches etc (please strongly consider labelling your items where appropriate). The fridges will be cleaned once per week and out of date food disposed of so staff should be vigilant about removing personal items regularly. Where necessary fridges may be cleaned or cleared at other times. Please be aware the fridges are open to all and items are thus left at your own risk.

Largely enclosed kitchens also have a microwave.

The kitchenettes are not to be used for more wide ranging food preparation or cooking.


Please make sure you look after the kitchens and leave them in a clean and tidy state.

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