Parking & Travel


For general travel information, directions and maps see the travel and maps page.

Also see the university travel page which contains useful information on the bicycle loan scheme, the bicycle maintenance scheme (note the bike mechanic comes to the ROQ roughly every 2 weeks and sets up near the internal cycle store entrance), discounts for public transport, car sharing, discounts on electric cars etc.

You can also request a personal travel plan (PTP) review from the university sustainability team. Note, however, the PTP service costs the university £5 per personal report whereas for most people a simple Google Maps directions (and looking at the options it presents for public transport, walking, cycling and car) search will provide the necessary personal travel information.

Cycle Parking

See the separate section on cycle parking.

Visitor Vehicle Parking

Note parking spaces are very limited so where possible visitors should not drive to the department. You can request a visitor parking place (subject to limited availability) via this reception request form. Please give as much notice as possible for such requests.

If such a parking booking request is approved then you will be using the underground parking. To access the underground parking (also see map) you enter the site at gate 7, drive along the side of the building to the roundabout, make a 180 degree turn to be heading back along the side of the building and then turn right under the end of the building near the road and into the car lift (one is not supposed to just turn sharp left towards the lifts from the road due to the tightness of the turn and the risk of traffic queuing out onto the road in breach of planning restrictions).

You will be met by facilities management staff who will issue you with a white parking card which will operate the car lifts to get in and out of the car park. Most importantly this white parking card will also give access to the door beside the card lifts that enters the core 1 stair case giving access from the basement parking to the ground floor and vice-versa. In general pedestrian entry/exit from the car park is via this core 1 staircase which is non-maths space and one then comes around the outside of the building to enter the department at the main entrance.

Staff Vehicle Parking

There is no provision for staff parking on the ROQ site (except for blue badge holders).

[If exceptional occasional circumstances arise then you can of course request a parking space in the same way as for a visitor. Please give as much notice as possible for such requests.]

Note the nearest university car park (for use with peak and off-peak permits) is located just across the road from the department behind IT Services. Access to the car park is either from Woodstock Road beside the bus stop, or from Banbury Road beside the Old Parsonage. A map showing the location of university car parks is available.


A statement of the University's policy on car parking may be found at . Basically, three types of parking permit will be available from Security Services as listed below:

  • Peak-time permits: allocated on the basis of need, allow holders to park in designated non-departmental spaces at all hours of the day.
  • Off-peak permits: available to all members of staff, allow holders to park in designated non-departmental spaces between 4pm and 7am each weekday and all day at weekends.
  • Temporary permits: for use in departmental spaces by contractors, visitors, deliveries, service workers etc.

Permit Charges

  • Peak-time permits: 1% of gross contractual salary per annum (Payments will be taken in full monthly instalments for each month or part of the month from the date of permit issue until the date of permit expiry or cancellation.  Subject to a minimum annual charge of £20.)
  • Off-peak permits: £20 per annum (Payment will be taken in one instalment.  Refunds are not available for returned off-peak permits.)
  • £5 for the reissue of a lost permit / change of sharer details

Permit payment

Staff on the main University payroll must pay for car parking charges via salary deduction. 

Non-payroll staff must pay via an the online payment system and attach a copy of their confirmation of payment email to the application form.

Number of Spaces

The department has been allocated 8 central area peak permits. There is no restriction on the number of off-peak permits that may be allocated.

Assessment of applications for peak-time permits

Peak-time permits will be allocated on the basis of need against the university criteria and does not afford any particular priority on basis of seniority or rank within the department. Applications will be assessed and approved by a small panel including the Head of Department or an Associate Head, the Head of Administration and the Director of IT & Physical Resources.

Applications for parking permits

Application are online, see


Please be aware of the following points:

  • The scheme is based on need, not status.
  • Please note that peak-time and off-peak permits are `permits-to-hunt': the holder is not guaranteed a parking space at the department.
  • The department has no option other than to comply with this scheme; any complaints or representations should be directed to Security Services.
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