Welcome to the Andrew Wiles Building / Mathematical Institute.

At induction time you are likely provided with a vast array of information as handouts, online references, talks/meetings and through a tour of some of the building. To add to that here are a few key building induction items:

  • As a modern office orientated building the department is naturally a very safe place. However, there are safety matters to be aware of as per the health and safety induction information.
  • There is a security, safety and building matters notice on all the notice boards around the building that contains reminders of the security services phone numbers and other procedures.
  • The department has a Facilities Management team who provide the day-to-day support for the building. You can report faults and log requests (e.g. building faults, broken toilet, whiteboard needs deep clean, paper has run out at a print point) with them via email to @email. You can also pop in and see them in S0.44 and S0.43.
  • You can also seek advice and support from the Director of IT & Physical Resources, Keith Gillow, who takes oversight of building and safety matters for the department.
  • The building and office information guide has a wide range of useful information including details of the teaching and meeting space, postal services, internal cycle store, cleaning schedule etc.
  • Be aware that to enter the building outside of normal office hours (8am - 5:30pm working days) you will need to use a PIN code in addition to your university card.
  • There are toilets throughout the building on every floor, as well as showers in some locations.
  • Do not rearrange office furniture without first seeking advice to ensure the change is acceptable to the department and also safe.
  • All university buildings are no smoking or vaping areas. The ROQ site is also a no smoking and vaping site except for the designated external areas.
  • Morning tea and coffee is available in the Common Room most term time working days and some times between terms. Please be aware this service is delivered from the south wing common room kitchen. Please thus bear in mind that that is a 'working kitchen' rather than the other kitchens throughout the building that are designed for self-service. Out of term time coffee/tea may be made but it is self-service.
  • You can shred small volumes of confidential waste using the machine in the mail room. For larger amounts please ask FM for confidential waste sacks that you can fill and then FM will collect and dispose appropriately.
  • The FM staff can be asked to deep clean and recondition office whiteboards.
  • Typical stationary and office supplies are available via reception.
  • The offices and building facilities are provided for work purposes. In particular non-work items should not be stored in offices (e.g. bedding, luggage) and the various building facilities (e.g. toilets, showers, kitchens, common room) are for reasonable use to support people in their working day rather than any wider social or living needs.
  • Please note the department cannot accept responsibility for personal possessions kept in offices, or for personal deliveries to the department.
  • People who come to visit you for meetings and seminars either need to be escorted in by you or to report to reception. In the latter case reception will contact you to let you know your visitor is here so you can collect them (or if they know how to get to you they can be buzzed through the wing doors once reception have confirmed you are there). Visitors can only be issued with access cards to enable independent working if you have formally booked them in (and the booking is approved) via the visitor scheme (intended for those visiting for several days or more). In such cases we are required to check and take a copy of the visitors passport and any visa as a right to work check in order to comply with the law.
  • Where misuse of the building appears to be occurring, or items appear to have been abandoned in the building, reasonable efforts will be made to identify the individual and discuss any issues. Where there is persistent or significant issues that are not addressed after discussion then card access to the building and office space may be withdrawn. In such cases items that should not be in the building will be gathered up, stored for a short period, and if not claimed may be disposed.
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