Cleaning is carried out by contract cleaners during the night (except Bank Holidays) in accordance with a detailed specification. Cleaning takes place Sunday to Thursday from 7pm to 7am to minimise disruption to the normal operation of the building. During each visit the cleaners will clean:

  • All toilets, including restock of consumables
  • All kitchens, including restock of consumables
  • All above ground meeting rooms
  • All teaching spaces
  • Common room
  • All Corridors, Circulation Stairs and Entrance Foyer
  • Empty all communal bins

Kitchen fridges are cleaned overnight on Thursdays and all out of date food is removed at this time.

Whiteboards in offices and teaching rooms should be cleaned by the user at the end of each session using the new cloths provided, when these become very dirty, please exchange for a clean one within the yellow bins provided behind Reception. These will then be washed and returned into the clean bin. Contact @email if you would like your whiteboard thoroughly deep cleaned.

The office bins are emptied weekly, on Tuesday nights.

The office spaces are cleaned fortnightly according to the following schedule:

  • ground floor offices - Sunday night
  • 1st floor offices - Monday night
  • 2nd floor offices - Tuesday night
  • 3rd floor offices - Wednesday night
  • 4th floor offices - Thursday night

Note the cleaners are instructed to return mugs found in office to the kitchens. If you do not want them to do this then please place your mug on a shelf as they are instructed not to remove such mugs.

Top up cleaning in the kitchens and toilets including re-stock of consumables will be completed by the FM team over the course of each day. Should you notice a cleaning issue or have a need for exceptional additional cleaning in the building please report it to @email.

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