Smoking & Vaping

The university has a general no smoking policy in all university buildings.

The University wishes to encourage employees who want to give up smoking. Support for staff who wish to give up smoking is provided by the University Occupational Health Service. Information on the services available is provided on the OHS website.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes/vaping) is not permitted anywhere in the Andrew Wiles Building including on the roof terraces.

Smoking is only permitted outside on the ROQ site at dedicated marked smoking points that are at least 10 metres from any building. There is a smoking point in the Humanities Courtyard (towards the road end of the chapel) reached by exiting the building via the foyer sliding doors and going beyond the chapel. There is also a smoking point by the fenced in area, near the roundabout and entrance to the central empty area of the site, reached by exiting the building via the foyer revolving door and turning left.

For those using electronic cigarettes/vaping outside the building dedicated vaping locations (separate from the smoking areas) are currently being defined by FM. There will be 3 vaping areas, one in the humanities courtyard near the chapel (but separate from the smoking point), one near the Harkness building, and one near the Blavatnik School of Government.

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