Power and Data

Power and data to the offices is via floor boxes.

Desk power/data blockDesks typically have a power and data block connected from the floor box up to desk level. Please note the power sockets at desk level are for lower power devices such as lamps, laptops, chargers etc and only have a 3.15A fuse. If a desk power socket is not working it may mean someone has plugged in a higher power or faulty device and blown the fuse.

In general the sockets in the floor box are then used for the fixed desktop PCs.

In the first instance for any problems with desk or floor box power please contact @email.

The data sockets at desk level are typically only used for phones (of which there is typically one per room).

Data connections for personal devices is via wifi only. The wifi covers the entire building but if you experience any problems please contact IT via email to @email.

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