Admissions Committee

The committee consists of:

I. Academic Lead (Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach), Chair;
II. The Mathematics Admissions Group’s Admissions Coordinator;
III. A representative from the Statistics Department;
IV. Computer Science Admissions Co-ordinator;
V. Three representatives selected from the Admissions Group.

New departmental members will be nominated by the respective Head of Department.
The committee meets at least twice yearly with further meetings as necessary.
The Group’s representatives will be annually reviewed in December.
The committee is responsible for reviewing the running of the previous admissions round and reviewing all relevant admissions statistics; advising the Admissions Coordinator on their responsibilities; reviewing and editing a draft of the annual Admissions Test and drafting admissions-related documents representing the Group’s and Departments’ views towards any new Divisional and University admissions policies for discussion by the Groups and Departments.
The committee reports to the Mathematics Department’s Teaching Committee and to the Admissions Group.
The committee consults the Mathematics Department’s Teaching and/or Department Committees, the Admissions Group, or Undergraduate Admissions Office (as appropriate) on substantial matters of policy, either at formal meetings or by electronic means.

Secretariat: Undergraduate Studies Assistant


Academic Lead (Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach) (chair)  Professor Dominic Vella
Mathematics Admissions Coordinator Dr James Munro
Department of Statistics Representative Professor James Martin
Computer Science Admissions Coodinator Professor Bernard Cuenca Grau (MT2021)
Admissions Group Representatives Professor Mark Mezei (MT2023)
  Professor Varun Kanade (Dept of Comp Sci)
  Professor Damian Rössler (MT2022, MT2023)
Secretariat Imogen Harbinson-Frith


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