Executive Committee

The committee – all ex officio - consists of:
I. Head of Department, Chair;
II. Associate Heads of Department;
III. Head of Administration;
IV. Director of IT & Physical Resources;
V. Head of Research Facilitation;
VI. Director of External Relations and Public Engagement
VII. Chair of Finance Committee
VIII. Chair, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, if not otherwise represented
IX. Chair of Faculty
Others from time-to-time by invitation.

The committee normally meets weekly during term at 10.00 am on Monday and less frequently during the vacation. The committee coordinates the actions of departmental officers acting under delegated authority. It does not keep formal records of its meetings, all actions being taken by officers on their own authority, subject to policy set by the Department, and reported by them to the Department Committee and to other committees as appropriate. Decisions are reported to the next Department Committee for endorsement.


Head of DepartmentProfessor James Sparks
Associate Head of Department (People)Professor Ian Hewitt
Associate Head of Department (Research)Professor Sarah Waters
Associate Head of Department (Education)Professor Jan Kristensen
Head of AdministrationDr Jocasta Gardner
Director of IT & Physical ResourcesDr Keith Gillow
Head of Research FacilitationDr Christopher Voyce
Director of External Relations and Public EngagementProfessor Jon Keating
Chair of Finance CommitteeProfessor Jan Obloj
Chair, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion CommitteeProfessor Ian Hewitt
Chair of FacultyProfessor Cornelia Drutu
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