The committee consists of:
I. Director of External Relations, ex officio;
II. Head of Administration, ex officio;
III. Director of IT and Physical Resources, ex officio;
IV. External Relations Manager, ex officio;
V. Postgraduate Student representative;
VI. MURC representative;
VII. Up to five other members of the department appointed by Department Committee.
Elected members serve for a three year term, one of whom will be appointed as Chair.
The External Relations Manager acts as secretary.

The Committee oversees the use of the Mezzanine display areas, agrees an art strategy for the department and implements a departmental art policy to encourage the promotion of art within the department. The Committee reports to Department Committee and meets at least termly.



Professor Andras Juhasz  (TT2019,TT2022)

Director of External Relations and Public Engagement Professor Jon Keating (HT2022)  
Director of IT & Physical Resources Dr Keith Gillow  
Head of Administration Dr Jocasta Gardner  
External Relations Manager Dyrol Lumbard (Secretariat)  
Postgraduate student representative Nick Daultry Ball (MT2023) MT2024
MURC representative VACANT (MT2023) MT2024
Appointed Faculty Professor Gui-Qiang Chen (MT2020, MT2023) MT2026
  Professor Kobi Kremnitzer (HT2022) HT2025
  Professor Sam Cohen (HT2022) HT2025
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