Early Career Researchers (ECR) Committee

The committee consists of:

I. Advisor for Early Career Researchers (North and South Wing), ex officio, one of whom will act as faculty Co-Chair;

II. Postdoctoral researcher representatives on departmental and MPLS committees, ex officio;

III. Organisers of the North-South Colloquia and Happy Hour ECR representatives, ex officio;

IV. Postdoctoral researchers and researchers in the first five years of a permanent appointment: one to five members, appointed for a two-year term, one of whom shall be appointed as the postdoctoral Co-Chair.  The postdoctoral co-chair will also serve as the postdoc rep on the Department’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

V. Fridays@4 Organiser, ex officio;

VI. Head of Faculty Services & HR, ex officio;  

The committee will focus on the areas of relevance to ECRs in the remit of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, notably the department’s working environment for postdoctoral researchers, and reviewing, extending and implementing relevant sections of the Athena SWAN and Race Equality Action Plans.

Membership will be drawn from postdoctoral researchers and researchers in the first five years of a permanent appointment. At any one time it should represent a wide spread of research groups across the department and have a gender mix.

The secretariat shall be provided by the secretary to the HR Team. The Committee reports to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and meets termly (10:30am, Thursday of week 3).


Advisors for Early Career Researchers (North and South Wings), one of whom will act as Co-Chair 

Professor Xenia de la Ossa (HT2022) 

Professor Cora Cartis (HT2020)


Co-Chair (postdoctoral researcher) 

Also serves as the Post doc rep for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
Dr Lasse Grimmelt (MT2022) MT2024
Postdoc rep for Department Committee  Dr Matija Tapuskovic (MT2022) MT2024

Postdoc rep for Research Committee 

(also ECR webpage editor) 

Dr Alex Browning (MT2023)  MT2024
Postdoc rep for Health and Safety Committee  Dr William Martinson (MT2022) MT2024
Postdoc rep for Teaching Committee Dr Chris Couzens (MT2023) MT2024
Maths rep for MPLS ECR Committee Dr Lasse Grimmelt  (MT2023) MT2024
Organisers of the North-South Colloquia/Fridays@4 and Happy Hour ECR reps Dr Lasse Grimmelt (MT2021)
Dr Gillian Grindstaff (MT2023)

Dr Sam Hughes (MT2021, MT2023)

Dr Lucas Brantner (MT2020, MT2023)

Dr Immanuel Ben Porat (MT2022, MT2023)

Dr Andrea Giudici (MT2022, MT2023)

Dr Anran Hu (MT2022, MT2023)

Dr Timothy LaRock (MT2022, MT2023)

Additional postdoctoral researchers/faculty members 


Department of Statistics Representative 

Professor Gesine Reinert (MT20, MT21, MT23)
Mariagrazia Zottoli (MT2022, MT2023)
Fergus Boyles (MT2022, MT2023)

Fridays@4 Organiser Professor Jason Lotay (MT2023)  
Head of Faculty Services and HR Ali Goodall   
Secretariat Melissa Fowler  
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