Finance Committee

The committee consists of:
I. Chair of Finance Committee
II. Head of Department, ex officio
III. Head of Administration, ex officio
IV. Head of Research Facilitation, ex officio
V. Two members of the department appointed by Department Committee. Appointed members serve for three years. 
VI. Finance Manager
VII. Finance Officer (General Ledger) in attendance (also provides secretariat)

The Chair of the Finance Committee is appointed by the Head of Department for a three-year period.

The Committee oversees the financial activity and financial planning of the Department.  It advises and makes recommendations to the Department Committee and Head of Department on financial plans and financial policy, including staffing plans, research income, future income prospects, significant effects of trends and other matters arising, as appropriate. The Committee reviews the rolling five-year financial plan and identifies opportunities for development, feeding into the annual budget-setting process.  It is also responsible for scrutinising annual budgets and quarterly forecasts.  The Committee reviews the financial environment, internally and externally, and recommends appropriate action.  It also reviews and updates the financial elements of the risk register, for approval by Department Committee in Michaelmas term each year.

The Committee reports to Department Committee and normally meets once a month.

Appointed members serve for a period of three years.


Chair of Finance CommitteeProfessor Jan Obloj (LV2023)LV2025
Head of DepartmentProfessor James Sparks 
Head of AdministrationDr Jocasta Gardner 
Head of Research FacilitationDr Christopher Voyce 
Departmental Members Professor Qian Wang (LV2023)LV2026
 Professor Alex Scott (MT2021)MT2024
Finance ManagerLiz Cody 
Finance Officer (General Ledger) (and secretariat)  
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