Graduate Admissions and Awards Committee

The committee consists of:
I. Director of Graduate Studies (Research), Chair, ex officio;
II. Director of Graduate Studies (Taught), ex officio;
III. At least two other members nominated by the Department.
Membership is for three years with the option of renewal.
Secretariat: Deputy Head of Academic Administration 
The committee meets 1-1 ½ months after an admissions deadline.

The Graduate Admissions Committee reports to Graduate Studies Committee. It is operationally responsible jointly with the DGS(R) and DGS(T) for all aspects of graduate admissions. The committee meets as needed to oversee admissions for research degrees and to allocate the Department’s funding for graduate support.

Membership is for three years with the option of renewal


Director of Graduate Studies (Taught) Professor Christoph Reisinger  
Director of Graduate Studies (Research) Professor Tom Sanders  
Departmental Representatives Professor James Maynard (MT2021) MT2024
  Professor Paul Dellar (MT2022) MT2025
  Professor Ruth Baker (MT2021) MT2024
  Professor Sam Cohen (MT2021)  MT2024
Secretariat Dave Borthwick   


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