Nominations Committee

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to make recommendations to the Head of Department on the allocation of administrative and examining duties to academic and relevant academic related staff (notably RSIVs and other selected research staff) within the Department, noting that examining duties may also be allocated to members of the Department of Statistics.

Workload data is recorded and monitored through the department’s workload database, which will be used as a source of information for the allocation of duties through Nominations Committee. 

Terms of reference

  • Make recommendations to the Head of Department for the allocation of examining and administrative duties, taking due account of workloads in the current year and averages across previous years. All Internal Examiners should be faculty members, and suitably qualified. The Committee should seek nominations for External Examiners from the Mathematics Faculty (by email). External Examiners should be suitably qualified; for example, they should be nationally recognised experts in their field, may hold professorial rank, and will have experience of examining. Further guidelines are laid down by regulation (Examination Regulations 2015, paragraphs 4.14-4.19, and by Education Committee Notes of Guidance).
  • Through the provision of workload data, Nominations Committee will review faculty duties annually, monitoring individual workloads across the last three years and identifying any imbalances which may need addressing in order to ensure equity of distribution
  • Maintain an overview of whether allocated duties are likely to contribute to the career development of individuals at various career stages, and are consistent with good practice

The Nominations Committee will normally meet once per term with an additional afforced meeting during each Easter vacation to nominate Examiners (including Chairs) for the following academic year, so that they are in place by the Trinity Term prior to the examinations.

The Committee shall consist of the following members ex officio:

I. Associate Head of Department (People) [Chair]
II. Head of Department
III. Chair of Faculty (or nominee)
IV. Associate Head of Department (Education)
V. Head of Administration
VI. Head of HR & Faculty Services (or nominee)
VII. Head of Academic Administration
VIII. Chair of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee if not already a member (or nominee)
IX. Representative from the Department of Statistics to attend the afforced meeting during the Easter vacation only

The Chair of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee has the right to suggest further members to address any imbalances in membership. The Committee shall be able to co-opt members for consideration of particular issues. 

A member of the professional services staff will be secretary to the Committee.


Associate Head of Department (People) (chair) Professor Ian Hewitt
Head of Department Professor James Sparks
Chair of Faculty Professor Cornelia Drutu
Associate Head of Department (Education) Professor Jan Kristensen
Head of Administration Dr Jocasta Gardner
Head of HR & Faculty Services Ali Goodall
Head of Academic Administration Charlotte Turner-Smith
Representative of Department of Statistics Professor Neil Laws
Secretariat Melissa Fowler
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