Projects Committee

The Teaching Committee shall elect seven members to serve on the Projects Committee, (chosen from among those members of faculty who are likely to supervise projects); they shall hold office for three years and be re-eligible. In addition, the Academic Lead (Parts B and C) and the BSP coordinator will serve on the committee. The Teaching Committee will invite one of the members to serve as Chair. The Projects Committee will administer projects (Part C dissertations and Part B extended essays) and oversee administration of the Part B structured projects. The Committee will meet three times  throughout the  year, during the long summer vac, during week 1 of Michaelmas term and during week 4 of Michaelmas term. 

Secretariat: Undergraduate Studies Administrator (Part C/OMMS)

The functions of the Committee shall be: 
(i) to consider the descriptions of projects submitted for approval by candidates as the subjects of a dissertation or of an extended essay; 
(ii) to prepare notes of guidance for those candidates taking the dissertation and extended essay options, and to publish these on the Mathematical Institute web pages; 
(iii) to prepare a list of suggested topics for potential projects, and to publish these on the Mathematical Institute web pages together with the notes of guidance; 
(iv) to prepare notes of guidance for those supervising projects; 
(v) to suggest suitable assessors for projects; 
(vi) where necessary to organise suitable lectures for projects and their presentation. 

Elected members serve for a period of three years and are re-eligible


Academic Lead (Parts B and C), Chair Professor Dmitry Belyaev ex officio
Elected Members Dr David Allwright (renewed MT2020, MT2023) MT2026
  Professor Andrea Mondino (HT2021, MT2023) MT2026
  Professor Ian Hewitt MT2025
  Professor Luc Nguyen MT2025
  Professor Vidit Nanda (HT2021, MT2023) MT2026
  Professor Panos Papazoglou (MT2020, MT2023) MT2026
BSP Co-ordinator  Dr C Wilkins  

Anwen Amos



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