Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates

The committee consists of:
The Chair of the Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates (chair);
MURC President;
MURC Secretary
First Year Rep;
Fourth Year Rep;
MURC Treasurer/Bookstall Manager;
MURC Questionnaires Rep;
MURC Outreach Rep;
MURC Mathematics and Computer Science Rep;
MURC Mathematics and Philosophy Rep;
MURC Mathematics and Statistics Rep;
MURC Publicity and Careers Rep;
MURC Diversity and Inclusion Rep;
MURC Arts Rep;
Representative from Joint Committee for Mathematics & Philosophy
Faculty Teaching Advisor (ex officio);
Representative from Department of Statistics;
Schools Liaison Officer and Admissions Co-ordinator (ex officio);
(By invitation) Representative from MPLS.

The committee discusses all matters in relation to the undergraduate courses in the Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Philosophy, Mathematics & Physics).
Junior members are elected by the Mathematics Undergraduate Representation Committee. On the recommendation of Nominations Committee, one of the three additional members of Faculty elected by the Faculty to serve on Teaching Committee shall serve as the Chair of the Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates. 

Minutes are taken by the MURC Secretary.
Meetings are held every term on Friday of week 3.
Secretariat: Undergraduate Studies Officer.


Chair of the Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates (chair) Professor James Newton (MT2023)
MURC President Philipp Wiedemann
MURC Secretary  Karrar Shareiyat (MT2023)
First Year Representative   VACANT
Fourth Year Representative   VACANT
MURC Treasurer & Bookstall Manager   Lucy Wang (MT2023)
MURC Questionnaires Representative  Mario Marcos Losada (MT2023)
MURC Outreach Rep Ahmed Ittihad Hasib (MT2023)
MURC IT Representative  Hannah Southall (MT2023)
MURC Mathematics & Computer Science Representative  Aamina Rizvi (MT2023)
MURC Mathematics & Philosophy Representative  Maria Matthis (MT2023)
MURC Mathematics & Statistics Representative  Georgi Filipov (MT2023)
MURC Publicity and Careers Rep  Rei Ota (MT2023)
MURC Diversity and Inclusion Rep  Ishwar Karthik (MT2023)
MURC Art Representative   VACANT
Representative from Joint Committee for Mathematics & Philosophy Maria Mathias (MT2023)
Faculty Teaching Advisor (ex officio) VACANT
Representative from Department of Statistics  Dr Neil Laws
Schools Liaison Officer & Admissions Co-ordinator (ex officio) Dr James Munro
Representative from MPLS (by invitation) Bulvinder Gurm
Secretariat  Rosalind Mitchell


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