External Relations and Outreach Committee

The committee consists of:
I. Director of External Relations and Public Engagement (Chair), ex officio;
II. Admissions & Outreach Coordinator, ex officio;
III. Whitehead Lecturer, ex officio;
IV.  External Relations Manager, ex officio;
V. Social media lead,
VI. Academic Lead (Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach), ex officio;
VII. Representative from the Department of Statistics
VIII. Director of Graduate Studies
IX. Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science
X. Senior Development executive, ex officio

The Committee reports to the Mathematical Institute's Teaching Committee and Department Committee.
The purpose of the Committee is to develop and oversee the external relations and outreach strategy for the department, to promote the department, its people, its courses, its activities and its research, to the outside world. These include activities relating to access, widening participation, alumni relations and public engagement with research. The Committee is responsible for collating reports on activities relating to External Relations and Outreach.

Membership will be reviewed annually by the department.
The Committee normally meets once per term.

Secretariat: Outreach Administrator


Director of External Relations (Chair MT2023) Professor Jon Keating 
Admissions & Outreach Coordinator Dr James Munro
Whitehead Lecturer Vacant
External Relations Manager Dyrol Lumbard
Social media lead (Chair HT2024/TT2024) Professor Renaud Lambiotte
Academic Lead (Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach) Professor Dominic Vella
Director of Graduate Studies Professor Christoph Reisinger
Representative from the Department of Statistics Ms Mareli Grady
Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, ex officio  Professor Marcus du Sautoy
Senior Development Executive Charlotte Garner
Secretary, Outreach Administrator Zoe Hart


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