Examinations Committee

The committee consists of ex officio members:
Associate Head of Department (Education) [Chair]
Representative from the Statistics Department
Representative from the Department of Computer Science*
Representative from the Faculty of Philosophy
Head of Academic Administration
Examinations Technical Coordinator
Chairs of Examiners for the previous year’s examinations (MT week -1 meeting).
Current Chairs of Examiners

*to be invited when required

The committee meets in Week -1 of MT and may meet again in Week 4 of HT if required. 
Secretariat: Undergraduate Studies Officer

The committee is responsible for acting as an advisory body which reviews examination documentation and processes, as well as considering changes to the examinations database. The committee makes recommendations to the Mathematics Teaching Committee. The committee aims to increase consistency in practice across the different examinations boards.


Associate Head of Department (Education) (chair) Professor Jan Kristensen
Chairs of Examiners for the previous year’s examinations Professor Victor Flynn
  Professor Andrew Dancer
  Professor Konstantin Ardakov
  Professor  Damian Rössler
  Professor Jason Lotay
Current Chairs of Examiners  
Prelims Professor Andras Juhasz
Part A Dr Richard Earl
Part B Professor Ben Green
Part C Professor Jason Lotay
OMMS Professor Eamonn Gaffney
Statistics Department Representative  Dr Neil Laws
Department of Computer Science Representative (by invitation only) Professor Geraint Jones
Faculty of Philosophy Representative  Professor James Studd
Examinations Technical Coordinator  Dr Waldemar Schlackow
Head of Academic Administration Charlotte Turner-Smith
Secretariat  Rosalind Mitchell


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