Research Committee

The committee consists of:
I. Associate Head of Department (Research), chair, ex officio;
II. Director of Graduate Studies (Research);
III. Head of Department;
IV. Head of Research Facilitation;
V. REF Coordinator;
VI. Research Student Representative (open agenda only);
VII. Postdoctoral Researcher Representative (open agenda only);
VIII. Representatives appointed by the Department from all research groups;
IX. Up to three co-opted members of the Department.

The Head of Administration and Finance is in attendance. The Associate Head of Department (Research) and the Directors of Graduate Studies are appointed by the Department for such periods as it shall determine. The representatives of the various areas of mathematical research, the postdoctoral researcher representative and the research student representative are appointed in Michaelmas term and serve for the following academic year. The up to three co-opted members of the Department are appointed by the Department in Michaelmas Term and serve for two years. 

The committee is responsible for all matters concerning the support and promotion of research within the department. It advises the Department Committee on research plans and policy, including in particular policy on applications for external funding and research priorities for new appointments. It distributes funds for the support of research assigned to it by the Department Committee, including in particular funds for academic visitors and seminars. It is responsible for policy on graduate education and training within the department, including admissions policy, in as much as responsibility in these areas is not assigned to committees for the supervision of taught courses (other matters concerning graduate students, including admission of students within agreed policy, appointment of examiners and the approval of DPhil examiners’ reports, are the responsibility of the Directors of Graduate Studies). The committee reports to Department Committee. 

The committee meets at 11.00 am on Wednesday of 6th week. 


I Associate Head of Department (Research), chair, ex officio Professor Sarah Waters 
II Director of Graduate Studies (Research) Professor Tom Sanders 
III Head of Department Professor James Sparks 
IV Head of Research FacilitationDr Christopher Voyce 
V REF Coordinator (when applicable)  
VI Research Student Representative Leo Gitin (MT2023)MT2024
VII Postdoctoral Researcher Representative Dr Alex Browning (MT2023)MT2024
VIII Representatives from Research GroupsProfessor Kobi Kremnitzer (Algebra) 
 Professor Alex Scott (Combinatorics) 
 Professor Jared Tanner (Data Science)  
 Professor Jason Lotay (Geometry) 
 Dr Christopher Hollings (History of Mathematics) 
 Professor Ehud Hrushovski (Logic) 
 Professor Rama Cont (Mathematical Finance) 
 Professor Fernando Alday (Mathematical Physics) 
 Professor Ben Green (Number Theory) 
 Professor Mike Giles (Numerical Analysis) 
 Professor Jon Chapman (OCIAM) (sabb cover for MT2023 and HT2024) 
 Professor Gui-Qiang Chen (OxPDE)  
 Professor Massimiliano Gubinelli (Stochastic Analysis) 
 Professor Cornelia Drutu (Topology) 
 Professor Philip Maini (WCMB) 
 Professor Stuart White (Functional Analysis) 
IX Up to 3 co-opted membersProfessor Helen Byrne (MT2021, MT2023)MT2025
 Professor Jon Keating (MT2020, MT2022)MT2024
 Professor Emmanuel Breuillard (TT2022)TT2024
SecretariatMatthew Kennedy 


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