2nd Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Summit 2023


The second edition of the Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Summit will take place in September (4-7th), 2023 at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford (UK). 

The event, that is by invitation only, is meant to bring together top researchers and practitioners in the field of post-quantum cryptography from academia, industry, and different standardisation bodies for a two-part summit; 


  1. Review of the First NIST PQC Draft Standards
  2. Presentations of the NIST Additional (Round1) PQC Digital Signatures Candidates


  • Ali El Kaafarani, PQShield and University of Oxford (UK) 
  • Ben Packman, PQShield (UK)
  • Federico Pintore, University of Bari (IT)
  • Thomas Prest, PQShield (FR)
  • Simona Samardjiska, Radboud University (NL)
  • Peter Schwabe, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (GR)
  • Monika Trimoska, Radboud University (NL)



The Summit is by invitation only. No registration fee is required. During the workshop, coffee breaks and lunches will be provided.


In general, participants will have to find their own accommodation. They are welcome to book anywhere. For instance, here is a link to the university rooms website: http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home

All of the following areas of Oxford - Summertown, Jericho, Cowley road, Iffley road, Abingdon road - are within a walking distance from the Mathematical Institute and enjoy many restaurants and groceries. Headington could also be an option, but a bus or a bike is needed to get to the Mathematical Institute in less than an hour.

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